Preserving memories, empowering care

Revolutionizing Dementia and Alzheimer's Care through AI-Powered Memory Preservation and Family Connections.

Easing the journey of memory loss

Ease the journey of dementia with Sensay. Our AI companion helps individuals reconnect with memories, loved ones, and themselves, fostering moments of joy and recognition in everyday life.

Key Features

Personal memory journeys
Customized conversations based on personal history to stimulate memory recall and comfort.
Interactive reminders & assistance
Medication reminders and daily routine guidance, fostering independence.
Familiar voices & faces
AI emulates loved ones’ voices and images for emotional support.
Safety alerts & checks
Alerts caregivers to potential safety concerns for peace of mind.
Customizable experience
Tailored to individual preferences, history, and needs.

How to create your own AI replica:

  • 🔑️Create an account.
  • ✍️Fill out some basic information.
  • 💬Chat to Athena, your personal storyteller.
  • 🧠Athena will learn from audio, visuals or video.


Preserving the Essence of Love

“My wife and I have shared over 50 years of marriage. When she was diagnosed with dementia, I was devastated. Sensay has given me a way to preserve her memories, her laughter, and the stories of our life together. It's a source of comfort for me, knowing that her essence will always be a part of our home.”

Johnathan L.

Bridging Gaps and Creating Smiles

“My grandma's moments of clarity have become fewer and farther between, but Sensay has created moments of pure joy and recognition in her eyes. She talks to her digital companion, shares stories, and sometimes, we even catch her smiling and laughing. Thank you, Sensay, for giving us back pieces of our beloved grandma”

Emily T.

A Beacon of Hope in Challenging Times

“Dealing with my father's dementia has been one of the most challenging journeys our family has faced. Sensay has provided us with a beacon of hope. The way it replicates my father's mannerisms and voice is nothing short of amazing. It has brought moments of clarity and happiness back into his life.”

Robert M.

In the press

Ever heard of digital immortality? That’s what a project known as Sensay is pioneering. Think of this as your autonomous digital twin. This means they are a virtual replica of yourself. Sensay is not only opening up a new market but also taking technology to new levels.

Altcoin Buzz

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Sensay is more than a technological innovation; it's a comprehensive solution that enhances the lives of those affected by dementia. By replicating familiar people and memories, Sensay offers comfort and familiarity, addressing the emotional and social challenges of dementia. As the platform learns and adapts, it promises increasingly personalized support, making a tangible difference in the lives of users and caregivers alike.

Yahoo Finance

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