Join Us in Shaping the Future of Dementia


Why Invest in Sensay ?

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    Untapped Market:Sensay is the only dementia chatbot that offers real-time conversations with patients suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and other Degenerative Conditions.

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    Strong Partnerships:Our collaborations span from clinics to charities, ensuring an informed and empowering care tool.

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    Cutting-Edge Technology:Sensay is more than just a chatbot; it's the synthesis of advanced AI and invaluable human experiences, ensuring users receive unmatched memory preservation.

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    Massive Growth Potential:With the global dementia market continually expanding, Sensay stands poised to capture and serve future patients and their loved ones.

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    Dedicated Team:Our team comprises some of the brightest minds in AI, mental health, and business, committed to taking Sensay to new heights.

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    Diverse Revenue Streams:Multiple avenues including subscriptions, custom AI, and licensed content.

Investment Opportunities

We’re currently crowdfunding via a token public sale, and we are seeking partners who share our vision. The future of Sensay expands far beyond dementia. The $SNSY token allows for anyone globally to participate in the future of this technology. Visit for more information.


Join Our Journey

The future of dementia is being written today. Sensay is not just a product; it's a movement. By investing in Sensay, you're not just funding a company, you're championing a cause – the preservation of memories for those unable to.

For more details, investment opportunities, or to set up a meeting with our executive team, please contact us by


This is not an invitation to invest. The $SNSY token is not a security and does not represent an equity interest in any company and does not provide an interest in the future cash flow or revenue of any company. Contributions via the token will be used to fund development of the product and buyers of the token will benefit from discounted subscriptions, early access to developments, participation in AMAs and other opportunities to participate in the futre of the company.