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We build cutting-edge cloning technology to simplify the creation and fine-tuning of humanlike AI Replicas to preserve and share your wisdom.


Sensay’s groundbreaking AI offers a variety of applications and services.


Create Replicas to preserve memories.

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Custom Replicas

Tailor digital Replicas for unique needs.

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Share knowledge globally 24/7 in any language.

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Fan engagement

Boost interaction with your audience.

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About Sensay



This is an officially verified version of you, recognized and trusted as an extension of your identity.



It operates independently, making decisions and taking actions as you would, based on your guidelines.



Existing online, it’s available around the clock, ensuring constant engagement and accessibility.



Designed to be a second version of you, it mirrors your behavior and interactions, maintaining a consistent digital presence.

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AI Replication

Personalised Replicas

Create AI-driven Replicas mimicking individual personalities for realistic interactions.

Interactive applications

Use AI Replicas in customer service, entertainment, and education for enhanced engagement.

Continuous learning

AI models adapt over time, enhancing accuracy and interaction quality.


Dan Thomson

Sensay Founder

Digital immortality

Legacy Continuation

Preserve and extend digital presence beyond physical life for virtual interaction.

Emotional Support

Provide comfort through interactions with digital Replicas of past generations.

Ethical and Philosophical Implications

We protect your privacy, consent, and enable you to challenge concepts of identity and existence.

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